We have been drilling in Cape Town for 15 years.

Drilling on Chapman's Peak

Drilling anchor holes for the catch nets on Chapman' Peak in 2009.

Saudi Arabia

Borehole Man drilling holes in the Red Sea of Saudi Arabia in the coral reefs for navigational beacons. This was done in 2012.

Drilling Mozambique

Carrying out a contract in Mozambique,

Drilling a Domestic Borehole

This is a one stop shop from drilling to reticulation into the house or factory.


We drill air and mud drilling. A borehole has a submersible pump that goes into the ground and not on top.

Borehole Maintenance & Pump Installation

We do turnkey systems including the following: - Borehole drilling - Borehole Maintenance - Water Storage System - Water Filtration and Treatment Systems

Sales of Drilling Equipment

We manufacture drilling machines as per the example.

Water Treatment and Filtration

Try us for water treatment installation We have partnered with one of the top designers of water treatment system in the Western Cape.
There is no job to big or to small for us, we pride ourselves on keeping the client happy first. The difference between a borehole and a well point is that a borehole has a pump which goes into the hole and a well point has a centrifugal pump on the surface.
We look forward to assisting you with all your water requirements.